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Runfree started as an idea having boarded one of our very athletic and energetic dogs in a conventional kennel and coming back to pick up a dog that could not get out of the cage which he had been kept fast enough, literally jumping on my chest. We decided if we ever had the opportunity, we would do it differently. This is the reason we set up our boarding with large yards for the dogs to stay during the day.

We also fenced 2 .5 acres, so the dogs can get plenty of exercise and socialization. Once the day is done each dog has their own large warm dry sleeping quarters, they can rest up for another fun day.

The pool idea came to us because of another one of our dogs Buddy had surgery on both of his ACLs. The first time was in the winter and because of limited exercise, it took a long time to heal. The 2nd surgery was 2 years later in the summer and living near a gravel pit with a nice pond, we decided to try swimming him. His leg healed much quicker than the first one. From this came the idea for the Hydrotherapy pool. Flyball is a dog sport that we have played for many years, so we decided to purchase a property and set up both the boarding and hydrotherapy pool.

A facility to practice and train Flyball was a must.  Buddy & TBO Hawk, TBO, Kuai, Sevin play in Snow   Sevin and Zita in Flyball   Our new puppy Rage (mix), he will also be a Flyball dog. Meetz-our cat runs the canine centre.