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Who We Are?

Runfree started as an idea having boarded one of our very athletic and energetic dogs in a conventional kennel and coming back to pick up a dog that could not get out of the cage which he had been kept fast enough, literally jumping on my chest. We decided if we ever had the opportunity, we would do it differently. This is the reason we set up our boarding with large yards for the dogs to stay during the day. We also fenced 2 .5 acres, so the dogs can get plenty of exercise and socialization. Once the day is done each dog has their own large warm dry sleeping quarters, they can rest up for another fun day.

The pool idea came to us because of another one of our dogs Buddy had surgery on both of his ACLs. The first time was in the winter and because of limited exercise, it took a long time to heal. The 2nd surgery was 2 years later in the summer and living near a gravel pit with a nice pond, we decided to try swimming him. His leg healed much quicker than the first one. From this came the idea for the Hydrotherapy pool.

Flyball is a dog sport that we have played for many years, so we decided to purchase a property and set up both the boarding and hydrotherapy pool. A facility to practice and train Flyball was a must.  Buddy & TBO Hawk, TBO, Kuai, Sevin play in Snow   Sevin and Zita in Flyball   Our new puppy Rage (mix), he will also be a Flyball dog. Meetz-our cat runs the canine centre.


Dog Daycare

We provide great daycare services for all sizes of dogs. Contact us to book.



Give your dog the attention it deserves the next time you have to go out of town. Your dog will truly have their chance to run and play while at Runfree.



Help your dog recover from surgery or an injury in our hydrotherapy dog pool. It is also a great way for older dogs to get the exercise they need without the weight of gravity holding them back.

Flyball is a dog sport that we have played for many years, so we decided to purchase a property and set up both the boarding and hydrotherapy pool. A facility to practice and train Flyball was a must.  Buddy & TBO Hawk, TBO, Kuai, Sevin play in Snow   Sevin and Zita in Flyball   Our new puppy Rage (mix), he will also be a Flyball dog. Meetz-our cat runs the canine centre.

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The Runfree Flyball Club

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What Our Customers Think


" I just wanted to tell you how happy we were with your service! Birdie arrived at Run Free happy and came home thrilled! She made so many friends and had so much fun that I felt a bit bad bringing her home. We appreciate your kindness towards her so much and are grateful that your wonderful facility exists! Bird told me that she wants to come back to play – we will definitely be bringing her back the next time we need boarding. Thank you so much!!!!

-- Julia/ Birdie-Welsh Terrier


" I just wanted to let you know how great Milo has been since he’s been home. I’m not sure if it was the amount of exercise he got out there, or Juan’s dog whispering, but he’s a much calmer, more self-assured little guy. Juan mentioned he noticed Milo had some insecurity issues (which he does, for sure). Normally, he’ll bark at strangers in the park but since he’s come home, he hasn’t barked at anyone nor challenged other male dogs. And he’s more actively playing with other dogs rather than just sniffing about and peeing. Seems like he’s turned a small corner for the better. Thank you! "

-- Daegan/Milo


" Sullivan gets so excited when i turn off the freeway towards run free canine center. He loves it there, and i love that he loves it! He is so happy when he is there.. he gets plenty of love and exercise.. and his raw diet is not an issue at all! i don’t even think twice when i am going out of town, because i know he’ll be in great hands when i’m gone! thanks Jenny and Karl!! "

-- Aliki/Sullivan


" Carol and I would like to thank you for looking after Kaya during our two weeks holiday. This was the first time we left her for an extended period of time and were very anxious about the whole thing. We really appreciated you keeping us updated about Kaya’s well being by sending us her pictures via email. We were impressed with your facilities and when we picked Kaya up she seemed calm, happy and comfortable around you and clearly liked you. When we took her home, she seemed calm and content. Every since the stay with you guys, she is less shy with other dogs, and she came back just a bit slimmer as she was getting lots of exercise with you. Next time we take the trip, we will send our dog for holidays of her own–at Run Free Canine. We would wholeheartedly recommend Run Free Canine to all dog owners and have been doing so in the dog park we frequent! "

-- Carol, Farhad/Kaya


" We were so pleased with the treatment of our dog Freckles. RFCC is a wonderful kennel where the dogs get plenty of exercise. My dog is a sporting breed so she can’t be locked up in a typical kennel.She was relaxed and happy when we picked her up which was the true testament to how her stay went. Thanks Jenny & Karl, I highly recommend your kennel & now won’t consider going anywhere else. "

-- Jennifer & Chris


" Thank you for having us! Everyone I’ve talked with very much enjoyed the weekend. It was great to have the time to do additional flyball training and the swimming was an extra fun bonus for the group. Our dogs were exhausted — it was the quietest ride home from Canada that we’ve ever had. I’m sure the group will definitely be talking about trying to arrange another visit to RunFree Canine Centre. We very much appreciate your hospitality and a special thank you to Kris for spending so much time in the pool – she was probably wrinkled and happy to have the last of the group leave on Sunday. 🙂 "

-- Julie from Jet City Jumpers Flyball Club, Seattle, Washington


" The past weekend we went up to Langley BC to have a Flyball training retreat weekend at the RunFree Canine Centre that is owned by our friends Karl and Jenny from the Run Free Flyball Club. In addition to the covered Flyball arena, they also have a covered 4’ deep pool for swimming the dogs, complete with a current generator for resistance swim training. I took the dogs swimming three times, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. My big goal for the weekend was to teach puppies to swim (and enjoy it), and I think that I managed to accomplish that. The Flyball parts of the weekend were also really helpful, and I think Jeff did a good job with arranging drills and doing some timing and video work that we don’t get the time to do at a normal practice. "

-- Joy from Jet City Jumpers Flyball Club, Seattle, Washington


" Our Labrador mix Zeke is a natural swimmer and loves swimming laps in the pool, retrieving toys, swimming into the jet stream and biting at the waves. Zeke is a high-energy dog, although he is getting older and his joints won’t allow him to run or walk off all of his energy. Swimming has been a great way for him to get a cardio workout, build strength and expend energy. He is always so happy to go to the pool. He is always the first one in and the last one out of the pool. Our husky mix Sienna is not a natural swimmer or a great fan of water in general. Chris has worked hard with her to make sure she is comfortable and feels safe. From the first visit onward, she has been excited to go back to the Runfree Canine Centre and visit with Chris, although she was not so sure about the pool in the beginning. With each visit Sienna seems to take to swimming more and more, she even gets into the pool on her own now. We have seen great improvements in her swimming and her cardio since going to the pool. She has even lost some weight as a result of her weekly workouts. "

-- Alyssa and Mike


" Gord and I want to thank you for taking care of Brutus. I was very anxious about leaving my lovebug Brutus for the first time. However while we were on vacation receiving your emails and pictures was very reassuring. He also came home a little slimmer. I guess I was giving him too many treats 🙂 We are telling all our friends and family about your wonderful kennel. Brutus will be back for another week with you in July!! Thanks Jenny & Karl. "

-- Rachel & Gord


" When I left Rowdy at Runfree for the first time we were a bit concerned as it was her first time being away from us. While she was at the kennel Karl and Jenny kept us up to date on how she was doing – we even got pictures of her playing ball with her new friends! And she stayed at the royal suite! Last time I dropped her off she greeted Karl with a big kiss on his face and she looked really happy to be there again. Since we’ve been leaving her at Runfree she is getting along way better with people and other dogs. And she even started to drop the ball on command! Thanks Karl and Jennie and see you soon! "

-- Eni/Rowdy